Monday, April 14, 2008

For Persuasion, Page 509

Looks may be would draws someone to a potential sexual partner but when choosing someone with whom to spend a life, it is wise to ignore them. The life we imagine from when we are playing house as little girls usually includes a handsome husband. It seems though that Prince Charming may not give you the sort of life that you could get with his ugly stepbrother. Less attractive mates will most likely give you a more promising future with a more comfortable financial situation and a more secure relationship.

It is not a rule that very attractive individuals are less possesing of other important relationship attributes such as potential to achieve status or likliness to commit...but they probably are. This may seem harsh but face facts, good-looking people never have to work as hard to achieve recognition as unattractive people do. Therefore they may not have a chance to cultivate the ingenuity and work ethic that their less handsome counterparts do. Think of two most well known billionaires. Donald Trump and Bill Gates come to my mind first. They are hardly candidates for a modeling contract with Calvin Klein.

In addition to economic instability settling down with a handsome could lead to a rocky marriage. First a very attractive male is much more likely to be seduced by a passing female than an unnatttractive man. As marriages do tend to get dull, the tempatation to cheat mixed with frequent opportunities could spell doom for a relationship. Also it may be much tougher to get a good looking man to commit in the first place since they probably have sucsess in playing the field. In conclusion, when searching for for a one-night stand, feel free to let your eyes (and hormones) guide your decision, but when seeking domestic bliss be sure to look a little deeper!

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